Farms Solutions

CSMT Agri provides a complete solution package including UAV Drone, Software and Support to the businesses from industries like Seeds, Fertilizers, Universities, and Government Bodies.

Agri Weather Stations provide accurate local measurements for various farming applications, providing real-time data on site and over the internet. In collaboration with Metos, CSMT offers its clients a complete set of agri solutions right from the start to the end of crops cycle.

Our team of professionals helps farmers & growers who have limited agronomy knowledge, information on the management of crop, use of quality seeds, pest & fertilizers management, water, soil and guides them in implementing agricultural advancements.

CSMT helps farms to grow better crops and to maintain a strong environmental compliance position. We achieve this through independent, professional agricultural consulting, science based decisions, technological innovation, and a team of dedicated staff to the success of our clients.

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