AgriNIR – Technology for Dairy Farms

Revolutionizing the Dairy Industry

Facing excessive decline in milk quality?

This is because majority of dairy farms do not focus on providing quality feed to their cattle.

CSMT helps dairy farms improve their milk quality by introducing the latest feed analyzing technology AgriNIR to their farm operations.

AgriNIR is a portable NIR analyzer for forages and grains that measures the percentage of Moisture (Dry Matter), Starch, Crude Protein, ADF, NDF, Ash, Crude Fat and many other nutrients in seconds. This technology assures that dairy farmers are feeding their cattle best possible feed.

Feed Analysis with AgriNIR is as simple as ABC

Step 1

Take your ingredient sample

Step 2

Put sample in portable analyzer

Step 3

Wait 60 seconds and obtain results

Reliable: The highest possible accuracy performed on-site in real time. AgriNIR works in any environmental conditions.

Quick and Easy to use: a complete analysis in 60 seconds

Profitable: Rapid payback. Reduced costs per analysis (generally just depreciation)

Efficient: Virtually no sample preparation. Opportunity to increase measured replicates. More replicates = more precision.

Ready to Use: “Grab it and analyze it” procedure

Robust: Sturdy case. Full-portability. Minimum maintenance.

Versatile: Check quality of feed purchased. Control feed inventory. Determine the right time to harvest.

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