Trusted consultancy in farming

Providing you detailed content on crops to boost crop productivity

CSMT is committed to providing the detailed content on crops, best crop management techniques, fertilizers & pesticides and a host of other agriculture related material to boost your crop productivity.

Our team of professionals helps farmers & growers who have limited agronomy knowledge, information on the management of crop, use of quality seeds, pest & fertilizers management, water, soil and guides them in implementing agricultural advancements.

What we offer

Our agronomists provide on farm advice for all our clients cropping and permanent planting needs.

  • Crop monitoring
  • Weed identification
  • Insect threshold analysis
  • Disease assessments
  • Crop rotation and paddock planning
  • Chemical and fertilizer recommendations
  • Whole farm planning
  • Irrigation layout designing
  • Soil moisture monitoring
  • We work with local agronomists
  • Advice from Coragrow (European Company)
  • We work with European University
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