Consulting Services

Solution you can rely on

Our professionals are dedicated to working with farmers to improve their agricultural production

CSMT Agri Pte. Ltd. helps farms to grow better crops and to maintain a strong environmental compliance position. We achieve this through independent, professional agricultural consulting, science based decisions, technological innovation, and a team of dedicated staff to the success of our clients.

Crop Consulting

Our professionals are ready to serve you for fertility, in-field agronomy, and integrated pest management.

Soil Sampling & Mapping

We use precise agriculture technology to assess soil’s fertility & quality to ensure it meets highest standards for maximum productivity.

Environment Planning

Beside focusing on maximizing productivity, we never forget to consider environment compliance and organic transition plans.

What makes CSMT different?

Beside having rich experience in Agri consulting services, our chief consultant has over 30 years of experience in Mechanization and provides consultancy to Chinese and European agri technology companies.

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