Crop Monitoring

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Today’s farmers are finding it extremely difficult to increase their productivity while having obstacles such as crop health, irrigation, and soil quality on their way.

This is where CSMT Agri Pte. Ltd. comes in to facilitate farmers to take rapid actions when there is a need. We use precision agricultural UAV designed to monitor crops from planting to harvest.

1. UAV Flight

CSMT’s UAVs fly over your fields to count crops, identify crop stress, and forecast yields.

2. Problems Detection

Our professionals review & analyze flight data, prepare an initial report, and then share it with clients.

3. Implementation

Once problems identified with crops or soils, Our agronomists help navigate directly to problem areas and apply treatment.

We help Governments, Companies and Local Universities

CSMT welcomes collaboration if you are an agricultural government body, food, seeds, fertilizer, or a pesticide company seeking crops monitoring, forecasting, and recommendations to take necessary action on time. Besides our services, CSMT also sells high technology Equipment, training, and support.

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CSMT helps you achieve your business goals

CSMT Agri provides a complete solution package including UAV Drone, Software and Support to the businesses from industries like Seeds, Fertilizers, Universities, and Government Bodies.

Our solutions are market-proven and ready-to-deploy. These end-to-end offerings cover the entire data collection process right from flight planning to the generation of accurate outputs and expert support.

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