Optical Sorting

On-boarding Optical Sorting

Optical sorting technology for tomato and potato

The tomato and potato optical sorters detects and remove all types of foreign material such as animal matter, metal, cotton stalks, plastic, stones, glass, and wood from field run tomatoes and potatoes.

Key Features

  • The precise and powerful vision system allows the sorter to work perfectly in every daylight condition.
  • Wide range of color regulation (from green to red, from dark land to white stones)
  • Possibility to decide whether to eject the plant/leaves
  • Remote console at the driving place for the control of the main functions
  • Available as “digger” configuration
  • Possibility of programming the sorter through PC with direct connection
  • Multi-language interface of command strings selected from a parametrical menu
  • Interface with 3 graders at the same time
  • 3G communication (worldwide covering) for the complete control of grader can be made directly from the office
  • In case of defects an automatic call to the assistance centre permits to solve troubles straight away and closing the working day
  • Speed and counting of picked hectares can be viewed directly on the display

Customers' Benefits

  • Increased yield
  • Reduced labor requirements
  • Increased throughput rate
  • Consistent and reliable results
  • More than 20 years of field experience

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Technical Details

We help Governments, Companies and Local Universities

CSMT welcomes collaboration if you are an agricultural government body, food, seeds, fertilizer, or a pesticide company seeking crops monitoring, forecasting, and recommendations to take necessary action on time. Besides our services, CSMT also sells high technology Equipment, training, and support.

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