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CSMT and the Partner Pix4D perform Vineyard NDVI Monitoring

Today’s farmers are finding it extremely difficult to increase their productivity while having obstacles such as crop health, irrigation, and soil quality on their way.

This is where CSMT Agri Pte. Ltd. comes in to facilitate farmers to take rapid action when there is a need. We use precision agricultural UAV designed to monitor crops from planting to harvest.

First-time CSMT and its Partner Pix4D have to get along to perform the NDVI Monitoring for the Vineyard.

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Get Immediate Results with CSMT’s NIR Technology

Dairy Farms require a diet that supplies the nutrients needs for high milk production. Carbohydrates, amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, and water are all nutrients required by the lactating dairy animals to meet the demand of the mammary gland to produce milk and milk components.

If you are an exporter, importer, or dairy feed supplier, CSMT’s NIR Technology is for you. Switch to CSMT NIR Feed Analysis methods and avoid paying too much for low-quality ingredients. Monitor the variability of incoming raw materials for animal feed.

To learn more, please contact us and our customer representative will be in touch.

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CSMT is your partner in new agricultural technology.

It is essential to be able to quickly control various ingredients such as the rate of dry matter, crude protein, starch, crude oil rate and others rapidly and precisely.

CSMT wants to be one of the supports of NIR technology in many sectors such as dairy farms, oil producers, alfalfa, corn, wheat, rapeseed, silage and potato.

CSMT is your partner in new agricultural technology.

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Discover Dinamica Generale

Discover how our technology partner Dinamica Generale is evolving new agricultural technology.

Dinamica Generale is a leading designer and manufacturer of electronic solutions and sensors in the field of weighing and NIR analysis. These solutions make farm operations more precise for better performance and productivity.

To learn more, watch the below video. For more information, please get in touch.

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CSMT’s Participation in Dairy Expo 2021 Lahore Pakistan

CSMT is always ready to help farmers, growers and companies who need technological advancement in their daily farm operations for better performance and maximum yield. This is why, CSMT is always ready to introduce new technologies to the Farmers in Pakistan and all around the world.

CSMT participated in Dairy Expo 2021 in Lahore and demonstrated the new technology to the farmers and growers gathered from all over Pakistan. Our new technology demonstration at Dairy Expo included the following,

AgriNIR – A Portable NIR Technology that helps analyzing the forage, hay, silage, grain and slurry to measure the percentage of Moisture (Dry Matter), Starch, Crude Protein, ADF, NDF, Ash, Crude Fat and many other nutrients in seconds. This technology assures that dairy farmers are feeding their cattle best possible feed.

AgriNIR™, Portable NIR Analyzers

X-NIR™ – Handheld NIR Analyzer – It delivers full NIR analysis in less than a minute.X-NIR Portable NIR Analyzer for Anywhere, Anytime grass and forage analysis. By taking NIR technology in field in the form of a portable, handheld NIR analyzer unit, such as the X-NIR, growers and contractors can obtain real-time results while reducing costs from third-party testing.For more information, please visit our Farm Solutions.
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