iMETOS® 3.3

The iMETOS® IMT are robust and reliable weather stations suited for any needs on your field.

Powered by a solar panel, it has an internal battery and transmits weather data in real time over GSM/GPRS – thus dispensing infrastructure on the installation location.

The iMETOS® can also send SMS Alarms (user-defined via Internet) to alert you in cases of frost, strong rain, high temperature and more.


A complete solution for environmental monitoring, disease models, soil moisture and more.

Data is regularly uploaded to FieldClimate platform where you can access it from any place at any time in real-time. Along with accessing the historical data and daily evapo-transpiration values, you can also take advantage of decision support solutions like localized Weather Forecast, Disease Models and Irrigation Management.

The iMETOS® IMT Series comes in the following sensor variations:

  • The iMETOS® IMT80 includes Air Temperature and Relative Humidity sensor and a Rain Gauge
  • The iMETOS® IMT180 includes Air Temperature and Relative Humidity sensor and a Rain Gauge
  • The iMETOS® IMT200 includes Air Temperature and Relative Humidity sensor, a Rain Gauge and a Leaf Wetness sensor.
  • The iMETOS® IMT280 includes Rain Gauge and all the sensors for Evapo-transpiration calculation: Air Temperature and Relative Humidity sensor, Global Radiation and Wind Speed.
  • The iMETOS® IMT300 comes with all the sensors for Evapo-transpiration and Disease Models calculation: Air Temperature and Relative Humidity sensor, Rain Gauge, Global Radiation, Wind Speed and Leaf Wetness sensor.

Additional information

Sensors layout

1 wind speed, 1 leaf wetness, 1 rain gauge, 1 water-meter (reed), 2 hygroclips (air temperature and relative humidity) 5 digital inputs: automatic sensor recognition, supporting sensor chains (max. 600 sensors)

Extension connector

Radio access point or drill & drop or ultrasonic wind sensor or two extra chain connectors – Pessl Instruments bus cable nodes


8 MB flash memory

Internet connectivity



SMS, user configurable via website

Dimensions without sensors

41 cm L x 13 cm W x 7 cm H

Weight without sensors

2.2 kg

Measuring interval

5 minutes (by default)

Logging interval

15-120 min (user selectable)

Transmission frequency

User selectable


6V, 4.5AH, Operating range: -35 °C to 80 °C

Solar panel

Dimensions: 13.5 x 13.5 cm, 2 Watt solar panel


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